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Friday, June 10th 2022, 10:19am

Empty Glass Foundation Bottle

Metal packaging is an important part of the packaging industry of our country, mainly for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to provide supporting services. Metal packaging products can be divided into the printing products, cans, aerosol cans, food cans and all kinds of oil bottle, etc. Metal oil bottle is a small packing sealing parts, unscrew the cap, crown cap, aluminum cap. Unscrew cap for Empty Glass Foundation Bottle more big bottle block, such as pickles, canned packaging; Crown cover is mainly used in the oil bottle packing seal; Aluminum anti-theft of the sealing cover is used for high-grade wine. Unscrew cap call claw type cap screw up again, by the claws of the number of different can be divided into three jaw type, four claw type and three six claw type, common type into four claws unscrew cap, known as the four screw cap. Unscrew the cover cover shoulder is raised, and can be divided into flat unscrew cap and spire unscrew cover, flat open the lid of the shoulder is raised, shoulder and cover cover top almost on the same plane; A peaked cap cover shoulder raised obviously, cover the shoulder and coping is not in the same plane, the spire unscrew cap structure

Why oil bottles can be widely used in medical aspect? This performance has a direct relationship with the oil bottle, oil bottle determines the performance of its USES, and it was also because of this, oil bottles can be widely used in medicine. The main components of the oil bottle is aluminum alloy and plastic material, after special craft processing production of oil drops bottle. Of course, the superior performance Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle is the foundation of its application in medicine. Lu: su composite thin oil bottle quality, convenient, has a wide application in medicine, oral liquid, such as antibiotics, infusion bottles of liquid sealed in the aluminum-plastic composite oil bottle also played its superiority. Oil bottle has simple structure and low cost, good sealing, simple to use convenient. Oil bottle a lot of advantages, such as torque is stable and can reduce the time to open; Strong resistance to tension, to strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, it is better performance of oil bottle is widely used. Any processing method of actual parameter is not correct, look from the function of the parts, as long as the machining error on the part drawing requirements, within the limits of tolerance means that to ensure the machining accuracy.

On the surface of the parts after machining Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale precision is the actual size, shape, location, three kinds of geometric parameters and geometric parameters of conform to the drawing requirements. The ideal geometric parameters, for size, it is uniform size; For surface geometrical shape is round, cylindrical, flat, cone and a straight line; For surface location between is parallel, perpendicular, coaxial, symmetry and so on. Parts actual geometric parameters and the ideal geometric parameter deviation value is called machining error. Machining precision and machining error are evaluating surface geometric parameters of the term. The machining accuracy as measured by the tolerance grade level value is smaller, its precision is higher; Expressed in numerical processing error, the greater the value, the error is bigger. Machining precision is high, is the processing error is small, and vice versa.
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