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Friday, June 10th 2022, 10:03am

heavy duty racking system

Multilayer shuttle industry pallet racking system generally includes pallet rack main body steel structure, the shuttle car, elevator equipment, conveyor line, power supply and network control system, etc. And industrial pallet rack body steel structure is mainly divided into: between columns, column support, guide rail, put out, the vertical rod device, horizontal tie device, etc., this paper will detail the heavy duty racking system industrial pallet rack column design requirements and optimizing structure.

Multilayer shuttle industrial pallet racking is a novel form of pallet racking, intensive industry in recent years has been more and more been used in warehousing industry pallet rack, multi-layer shuttle industrial pallet racking advantage: high storage density, high utilization rate of the warehouse, high working efficiency, and greatly reduce the waiting time of operation, its space most effective utilization can be improved to 90%, space utilization rate can reach more than 80%, suitable for all kinds of container has chosen form of warehouse. Multilayer shuttle industrial pallet racking system is a complex system and the design process, want to consider the various factors, including: industrial steel structure stability and bearing capacity of the pallet racking, deviation control precision and shuttle car in industrial pallet racking runtime intelligent, efficient, shuttle car handling container when dynamic stability and industrial pallet rack dynamic stability of steel structure, and form a complete set of sex of hoist, conveying equipment. These are the design of multi-layer shuttle industrial pallet rack high demands are put forward.

Shelves should be considered when designing multilayer shuttle industrial tray industrial pallet rack overall security, static stability, at the same time consider multi-layer shuttle industrial deviation accuracy of pallet racking, shuttle car running dynamic stability, industrial pallet rack column design must meet the safety factor of 2.0, and as far as possible choose sectional type larger material to ensure the accuracy of the industrial pallet rack stability and deviation. Columns and beams, the fixed support bar should be connected by bolt assembly, avoid using hooks to form, can even decorate on post positive corresponding fixed round hole, pillar inside the reserved opening between the pillar support used for assembly. Column height generally according to the height and radio shuttle racking the layer number N, in addition to consider warehouse height limit, height of elevator, fire control layer, maintenance and other factors. Pillar slice width by container width and space shuttle car pickup W2, generally not more than 1.5 M, more than 1.5 M should be calculated column instability rate. In general multi-layer shuttle largest industrial pallet rack container cargo weight less than 50 kg, single number of goods, not more than five. Column load weight = 50 kg (single container weight) * 5 (cargo case number) * N (layers) + industrial pallet rack weight + equipment weight. Each project according to the actual situation of different column load calculation method is also different

This section type column USES the rolling form and materials used in the absence of any special Q235 can meet the design requirements. This structure column can be used for height H is less than 20 m, carrying no more than 15 tons of wear more industrial pallet racking, and in more than one verified in actual project, fully meet the requirements of the pallet racking for wear more industry. In order to better control level height deviation e, recommend the following two column anchor structure: single screw anchor and double screw to adjust the anchor. Both the anchor structure can satisfy the requirement of the post level height deviation, each have their own advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of structure. Single screw features: simple structure, convenient construction and ground subsidence after secondary regulation. But because the whole structure rely on a single screw bearing and adjust the level, will be dropped in the overall load capacity of columns, and effect of vertical accuracy. Characteristics: the structure of double screw adjustment, stability, high bearing capacity, high vertical accuracy. But due to the bottom of the use, without shrinkage of cement industry pallet racking in uneven subsidence after secondary regulation construction is difficult.
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