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Friday, June 10th 2022, 10:00am

Pallet rack upright

Cold storage refers to the environment temperature is below 0 ° warehouse, generally maintained at minus 5 degrees to 30 degrees below zero, so, there is a difference between the normal temperature warehouse, warehouse storage of the goods inside the warehouse equipment need to be able to adapt to this environment. Industrial tray can be used in cold storage warehouse shelves are many, such as entering type industry pallet racking, shuttle pallet rack, etc., so double depth industrial pallet rack can use in the refrigerator? Let's learn about the.

Double depth industrial pallet Pallet rack upright racking is also called double deep industrial pallet rack, is a kind of parallel in double row design and need to use scissors forklift and industrial tray for storage shelves, warehouse utilization rate is higher, the picking rate can reach 50%. In fact, the double depth industrial pallet racking in structure and beam type industrial pallet rack and there is not much difference, just differ in layout design. Beam type industrial pallet rack with two rows of general industrial pallet racking, back-to-back between two rows of industrial pallet rack need to reserve a 3.5 meters of forklift channel, and the depth of the double industry pallet racking is four row pallet racking back-to-back arrangement, save half of the forklift channels, improve the warehouse space utilization.

It is important to note that the double depth Drive in racking system industrial pallet rack must use special double deep a forklift truck for access to goods, conventional forklift pallet racking is unable to complete the double depth industry use. The choose and buy such industrial pallet racking clients must take into account this point, a forklift handling equipment is more expensive, buy back later found that can't use, that thed loss outweights the gain.

Double depth industrial pallet rack can be used in the inside of the refrigerator, but need to consider the cold storage high to the requirement of the goods access efficiency is not high. Because of the cold storage temperature is low, operation cost is high, to the goods storage and access efficiency to a higher level, Suggestions or dense pallet racking storage industry, such as shuttle industrial pallet racking. In Pallet rack beams a word, the depth of the double industrial pallet racking in space utilization and bearing capacity and stability performance is good, can also be used for cold storage, and the price compared with intensive pallet racking storage industry is also more advantage. If less demanding for the access efficiency of cold storage, or purchasing industrial tray shelf budget temporarily not a lot of enterprises, choose double depth industrial pallet racking is also a good choice.
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