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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:59am

Narrow aisle rack

For pallet rack supplier not set back pull rod, such as ordinary beam type pallet rack supplier, under the condition of the component specifications have been set, the node provides a major contribution to resist lateral deformation. Traditional way of bolt connection, is semi-rigid beam-column joints, there is a certain stiffness, needs to be tested. But it is important to note that if the beams and columns by Narrow aisle rack bolt connection, and bolt within the scope of the beam cross section, then the beam-column joints stiffness is small, the structure will be simplified as the hinge, the role of the lateral deformation of the resistance to can be ignored. Column foot nodes of the main problem is the single screw adjustable column foot abuse, see single-screw adjustable pallet rack supplier collapsed column foot, began? The article. By the same token, the single screw column foot stiffness is small, the structure will be simplified as the hinge, reduced to can ignore the role of the lateral deformation of the resistance.

Do pallet rack supplier industry sales Cantilever Storage rack of researchers will certainly encountered such a problem, the customer's warehouse, there are a variety of specifications of the tray, space utilization and storage requirements, because there is not enough storage need to reorganize the warehouse pallet rack supplier, at the same time also asked him to all the tray to tray shelf supplier, such a situation will have an impact on warehouse pallet rack supplier planning? We all know that the warehouse pallet rack supplier in the design of a set of storage and the size of the pallet rack supplier are the same, that is a set of pallet rack suppliers can only be used to store a size of the tray. But now many of the companies a wide variety of goods, size size is different, also brought a problem to the warehouse, should how to store the size of different tray? If you use a variety of size warehouse pallet rack supplier that nature is to solve this problem, but then is undoubtedly increase the cost of warehouse for the enterprise. So what better way to solve the problem of the pallet size?

Relatively, pallet rack supplier manufacturer in the warehouse design planning, according to the existing warehouse to design the size of the pallet size pallet rack suppliers, when there is a tray number of specifications, maximum size will be according to the existing warehouse design pallet rack supplier, and then on the pallet rack supplier increase network layer board and the tray support equipment accessories, place the tray specification is small, actually is: on the one hand can be unified warehouse pallet rack supplier size, increase warehouse reasonable planning; On the other pipe cantilever rack hand, increase components, can strengthen the safety of the operation; Moreover, if the warehouse pallet rack supplier users are not very concerned about the two sides, also can ask the pallet rack suppliers vendors according to different size of the tray to design the size of the pallet rack supplier, but the state will generally appear in the small number of cases, of course, pallet rack supplier manufacturer also is not very willing to use this solution.

This long wei will solve a doubt for everyone: clearance between the tray and tray, tray and the clearance between the post is 100, and the gap between pallets cargo height and beams, 100, and the gap: why do you want to leave 100? We'd like to leave a bigger can? Or we want to save space, can leave a little bit small? In fact, different supplier of pallet rack manufacturer redundant reserved clearance can have different standard, warehouse pallet rack supplier manufacturers in the production of long-term planning in the process, found that the reserved 100 is a security clearance, clearance 100, master for forklift forklift level requirement is not very strict, but to a certain security clearance, and pallet rack supplier in the tray may be out of the tray, so considering the above two points, when making storage pallet rack supplier planning standard normal for 100, but it is not the only standard clearance, 100 if you feel that your forklift master level do not need to worry, that you can be in pallet rack supplier factory put forward the request to carry on the design, can reduce the gap of appropriately, but as a manufacturer, long wei does not recommend clearance is less than 50, and the goods and beams between that same high standard.
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