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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:58am

warehouse rack manufacturer

Medium-sized pallet rack supplier, is a kind of storage pallet rack supplier, shelf type pallet rack supplier. In the capacity of pallet rack supplier to distinguish and named. Medium-sized pallet rack supplier in accordance with the principle of the division warehouse rack manufacturer between light and heavy duty pallet racking pallet rack supplier suppliers, therefore medium-sized pallet rack supplier. Medium-sized pallet rack supplier standard beautiful appearance, widely applicable, easy installation and disassembly, can adjust at will, carrying ㎏ in 100 ~ 500 ㎏ / layer; Non-standard type of large span large bearing, can adjust at will novel appearance and bearing in 500 ㎏ ~ 5000 ㎏ / layer.

Pallet rack supplier of medium-sized pallet rack supplier structure:

1, the pillar of pallet rack supplier is by cold rolled steel plate after special cold bending forming unit rolling forming, post positive double row holes and hole distance to 50 mm distance arranged along a straight line, with column hole to articulated beam; Two columns, with transverse connection pipe connected to the tilt reassembled into two column pallet rack supplier column.

2, pallet rack supplier beam of steel tubes with "P", commonly known as "beam", the height of the ladder match with the height of the layer board.

3, pallet rack supplier steel layer board with quadrilateral Industrial pallet rack bending forming cold-rolled steel sheet according to the required size.

4, beams and columns articulated assemble framework, * after laid steel layer board, thus forming a complete set of medium-sized pallet rack suppliers.

5, pallet rack supplier parts processing good shape after all the grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic electrostatic powder spraying, drying and other processing after assembling finished products. Produce the pallet rack supplier finished product surface is bright and clean and beautiful; Pallet rack supplier can fluctuate according to the 50 mm pitch layer can be adjusted, easy to tear open outfit.

The characteristics of the medium pallet rack suppliers:

1, the structure of the fully packaged, optional combination, installation, remove the convenient and flexible.

2, pillar is fabricated structure, steel buckle card connection between beam and column, and set to security key lock, prevent fall off.

3, pallet rack supplier material section optimization, selection of pipe material, improve the bearing force.

4, pillar has adjust the pitch every 60 mm, can according to the height adjusted.

5, can be used between adjacent back against the direction of pillar support to strengthen the connection, with the ground at the bottom of the column can be used with the nail, improve the security and reliability.

6, suitable for general staff or forklift Pallet rack supplier loaning, and large enterprise storage use.

A problem which is * focus on consumers, warehouse pallet rack supplier's main function is used to store goods, a lot of time don't need to like other commodities blindly pay attention to the appearance of the pallet rack supplier products.

1, the stability of the pallet rack supplier problem has always been a warehouse pallet rack supplier of steel structure design, one of the key issues in pallet rack supplier of steel structure system is widely used to highlight the importance and urgency of the voltage stability study. Due to the warehouse pallet rack supplier of steel structure system design, construction and use of there are many uncertainty factors, so it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis.

2, choose the pallet rack supplier must choose for you the characteristics of the warehouse, so before buying, be sure to advance planning, or let the pallet rack supplier factory professional and technical personnel are tailored for you, this will greatly increase the warehouse utilization to you, will make possible problem in the future the possibility of falling into low *.

3, process problems. Pallet rack supplier forming of the black thing that should be after oil removal, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, and other links. The quality of the powder is superior to bad points. Each pallet rack supplier company has standard color commonly, spraying color standard generally low cost. If using a special color, in powder can increase the time limit for a project, waste powder, so the cost is relatively high.
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