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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:50am

KN95 Face Mask

The repeated use of woven materials are mainly used for processing medical quick delivery of protective clothing, including traditional woven fabrics, high-density fabric, coated fabric, and laminated fabric. Traditional woven if owner in KN95 Face Mask synthetic fiber such as cotton or polyester and cotton blended yarn and has good comfort, it is mainly used for daily work clothes (white). Ultrafine high-density fabric is the use of high count cotton yarn or other synthetic fiber filament woven, yarn gap is very small, due to the capillary effect of fiber has the permeability, repass fluorocarbon, organosilicon waterproofing agent processing has a certain liquid permeability, mainly used for gown materials need better waterproof effect. Coating and laminating fabric is to prevent infiltration of reinforced material performance, hard protective clothing materials used to use the environment. Coated fabric after coating processing, the surface by coating agent, has the anti permeability, coating hydrophilic group or by special methods in the formation of microporous structure to ensure that the fabric moisture permeability. Laminated fabric is fabric with a layer of film, such as microporous membrane, get together ammoniac vinegar moisture permeable membrane, etc.) by laminated composite process together, such Full Body Disposable Coverall as teflon super waterproof moisture permeability of composite fabrics. As the main body fabric membrane pore aperture is far less than water droplets diameter, can prevent blood, body fluids, such as permeability, porosity of porous high aperture is greater than the diameter of water vapor molecules, water vapor molecules freely through, so the permeability is good.


Medical fast delivery special wear protective clothing including medical environment of various kinds of clothing, a classification method.

1. According to the purpose

According to the purpose and use of the occasion can be divided into: daily work clothes, surgical clothing, clothing and protective clothing.

Daily work clothes is refers to the health care workers wearing white coats in daily work, is also called the white coat.

Surgical clothes is to point to in the operating room wearing designer clothing.

Isolation gown is refers to the medical staff contact with the patient and family members to visit the patient occasion wear costumes.

Protective clothing is refers to the emergency medical treatment, and other special area into the area of infectious diseases, the electromagnetic radiation zone personnel wearing clothes.

2. According to the service life of the points

According to the service life of medical quick delivery of protective clothing can be divided into disposable protective clothing and repeated use protective clothing.
Domestic medical disposable gown comply with the standards for the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration promulgated on January 1, 2017 implementation of the industry standard of YY/T 0506-2016 of the patients, medical personnel and equipment with surgery alone, gown and clean clothes. Medical disposable protective clothing to comply with the standard of China national standardization Medical Disposable Coverall management committee appointed since March 01, 2010 implementation of medical disposable protective clothing technical requirements: GB19082-2009.
The use of disposable protective clothing after abandoned without disinfection, washing, easy to use and can avoid cross infection, but disposable material degradation is slow, easy to cause environmental pollution, high requirements for protective surgery often suits, isolation gown more use of this type. Reuse after use need after washing, high temperature disinfection measures, usually better material comfort, but protective performance is poorer, usually washing and disinfection process will increase a lot of manpower and water costs, usually small daily requirements for protective overalls (white) used more of this type.
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