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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:33am

molecular distillation systems

The film evaporator structure a lot, no matter what, in the design and production must be the refrigerant vapor heat transfer surface can leave soon and maintain a reasonable level, make full use of the heat transfer surface effectively. Refrigerant molecular distillation systems liquid throttling when a small amount of steam yan can through the gas-liquid separation equipment make gas and liquid separation, only they were separated off gas liquid film evaporator heat, in order to improve the heat transfer effect of hair steamer. Liquid like can on the wetting of the surface of the heating evaporation boiling, the tiny bubbles root, form the bubble volume is not large, bubble rises easy to leave the heating surface. If liquid can't on the wetting of the surface of the heating evaporation boiling, the formation of the bubble volume is larger, the root is bigger also, vaporization core number will be reduced. When the bubble will gather on the heating surface, and the development along the surface of heating steam membrane, increase the thermal resistance, heat release coefficient decreased. Commonly used some of the refrigerant liquid has good wettability, and therefore has a good heat release performance. Ammonia is better than freon wettability can.

Is film evaporator as process industry, one of the most thin film distillation commonly used wastewater by membrane evaporator was film evaporator is an effect before film evaporator after vaporization of secondary steam flux into one of the heating chamber is film evaporator as an effect after film evaporator of heating steam, multi-effect evaporation make full use of the latent heat of vaporization of each effect of secondary steam, is the evaporation of the relative energy saving operation. Is film evaporator hair used in the process of liquid chemical plant corn syrup concentration, was born the steam flux into chemical wastewater by membrane evaporator heating liquid syrup, the moisture in liquid syrup vaporized and thus achieve the purpose of enrichment. Research and applications at home and abroad about the multi-effect evaporation report issued many, but based on multi-effect evaporation type design problem solving more conventional simulation and optimization design of study, and based on chemical wastewater by membrane evaporator operational problem solving process simulation and optimization research rarely operation. Is film evaporator structure and its characteristics, and introduces the working principle of chemical waste water by membrane evaporator and application in the chemical enterprises, in the wastewater concentration process using the tubular falling film is film evaporator, the winterization filtration waste water in the tube flow in shell side of steam condensing heat release. In be film evaporator, when the refrigerant in the refrigerant liquid mix oil, oil in low temperature dry degree is very big, easy to adhere to the heat transfer surface forming oil film but not easy eduction, so as to increase the heat resistance; The formation of oil film at the same time also interfere with refrigerant liquid wetting heat transfer surface, reduce the heat transfer efficiency, serious will cause refrigerant doesn't absorb heat, loss of cooling.

Water, salt water and the air is common in refrigeration equipment cooling medium, the exothermic strength in addition to the related to its physical properties, and flow velocity, the velocity of the son's shape and external factors such as flow path. Velocity, velocity of flow geometry and reasonable way, the exothermic coefficient increase, but the corresponding power consumption and infrastructure costs also increase.
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