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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:33am

wiped film evaporator

As the growth of the by film evaporator wiped film evaporator technology, all kinds of vacuum film evaporator also began to appear, vacuum film evaporator in the application of each industry is very broad, such as the following:

1, in the application of hard coating, cutting tools, moulds and wear-resisting corrosion resistant parts, etc.

2, in the application of protective coating: the blade of aircraft engine, automotive steel, heat sink, etc.

3, the application in the field of optical thin film, coating, high anti film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film, etc.

4, in the aspect of architectural glass applications: sun control film, low radiation glass, anti-fog dew and self-cleaning glass, etc.

5, applied in the field of solar energy cbd crystallization equipment utilization, solar thermal collectors, solar cells, etc.

6, in the application of integrated circuit manufacturing: thin-film resistor, capacitor, thin film temperature sensor, etc.

7, the application in the field of information display: LCD, plasma screen, etc.

8, the application in the field of information storage, magnetic information storage, magneto optical information storage, etc.

9, in the application of decorative accessories: following, atlas, spectacle frame, hardware, small adorn article, such as film evaporator.

10 and application in the field of electronic products: liquid crystal displays, LCD TV, MP4, car display, mobile phones, digital cameras and applause computer, etc.

And vacuum film evaporator in the process of the applicable in various industries are required for the environment, and it is mainly to the requirement of environment to follow the following:

1. The processing is a vacuum membrane evaporator clean process on the surface of the substrate (substrate) is very important, need to clean before plating processing, can achieve the artifacts to the purpose of the oil, decontamination decarboxylation after extraction and dehydration; The surface oxide film in wet or humid air generated in the; Parts surface absorption and adsorption gas;

2. After cleaning process of clean surface, cannot be stored in the atmospheric environment, in an enclosed storage container or cleaning ark, can reduce the dust contamination. It is best to just oxidation aluminium container storage glass substrate, so the storage in the vacuum drying oven;

3. Clean up by film evaporator indoor dust, should be set high cleanliness workshop, clean clean indoor height is the basic requirement of film evaporator process on the environment. Before deplating need to substrate, vacuum indoor parts cleaning, seriously baking degassing is also required.
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