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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:31am

jacketed glass reactor

By film evaporator equipment is under the vacuum state through high temperature melt the metal aluminum evaporation, precipitation accumulation of the steam to the aluminium plastic film on the surface, so as to make the surface of the plastic film to equipment with metal gloss. It was film evaporator technology in the market at present, is produced as a specific film technology, now in real life, has jacketed glass reactor very extensive application. If after such technology, the product still appeared out membrane, so please refer to the below small make up the offer.
Products appeared after being film evaporator off the state, then most likely product surface cleanliness is insufficient, the amplification of argon ion source cleaning time is too long. Of course it is possible that the product before to be film evaporator, is added when cleaning detergent to clean

Vacuum by film evaporator equipment mainly refers to a kind of need to be done under high vacuum film evaporator, has many kinds, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering nutsche filter dryer deposition and so on many kinds. Vacuum is film evaporator equipment in use will be a lot of question, out of the products such as plating film.
Below we will introduce the vacuum plating film evaporator equipment out of the product out membrane.

1. Product surface cleanliness is insufficient, the amplification of argon ion source cleaning time is too long.

2. When the cleaning is cleaner, or change the cleaning agent, it is recommended to use pure water to have a try first.

3. Whether the process parameters change, on the film thickness and current can make some adjustments.

1. Be film evaporator technology in the application of the decoration

People like to decorate watchcase, strap, clothing, lighting, spectacle frames, indoor and outdoor decoration, hardware bags, following, cell phone display, sanitary ware, food packaging and other accessories.

2. Coating technology in the application of metal cutting tools such as mold

In our life, we will see the color of 50l rotovap drill bit, cutter, mould, etc. Is by film evaporator was film evaporator technology processing tool.

(1) gold is a tool of tin and zirconium nitride coating. Tin is a widely used hard layer material.

(2) black tool with TiC and CrN coating.

(3) cobalt copper is a tool to use with TiALN coatings.

3. The coating technology in the application of the architecture glass and automobile glass

Architectural glass has two basic functions: pervious to light and heat insulation. Ordinary glass can through most of the solar radiation energy, it is very conducive to daylighting and absorbing energy. Enterprise development space for the infrared radiation, common glass can effectively prevent the indoor heat directly affect by outside, but because of the heat absorbed by the glass after secondary heat can cause great damage. With the development of economy, ordinary glass already more and more can't satisfy people's needs. And low radiation and sunlight control membranes just we can make up for the lack of common glass in these two aspects. Solar control film can meet the requirements of low latitudes indoor temperature decrease, low radiation membrane can meet the requirements of high latitudes completely accept solar radiant energy, reduce indoor heat outflow.

On the glass coating a layer of titanium dioxide, can make its anti-fog, prevent dewing, self-cleaning glass. The process in car use glass has a good application.

4. Coating technology in the application of the flat panel display

Using the various types of flat panel display, almost every type of flat panel display requires the use of ITO thin film to meet the requirements of transparent devices. Without film production technology, there is no a flat panel display device.
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