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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:30am

jacketed glass reactor

PTFE hollow fiber by membrane distillation porosity test by membrane distillation performance assessment has a strong guiding significance, in general, PTFE hollow fiber by membrane distillation of porosity in the following two ways for testing. Method: 1. Ethanol is PTFE hollow fiber membrane distillation in ethanol solution in 2 h, make completely immersed in ethanol solution by membrane distillation hole, hole cleaning by membrane distillation; Will be after completion of cleaning material of membrane distillation in the vacuum drying oven under the temperature of 50 ℃ dry 2 h, dry jacketed glass reactor weigh, record PTFE dry membrane distillation quality m1. After cleaning use anhydrous ethanol is PTFE hollow fiber membrane distillation fully wetting, and displacement in the deionized water, soak for 24 h, experiment, replace a piece every 4 h deionized water; For replacement, completely will be inside and outside membrane distillation on the surface of the water control, weighing record for m2. According to the wet and dry weight of membrane distillation can be calculated by porosity of membrane distillation.

2. Weighing method: due to the strong hydrophobic cbd centrifugal extractor PTFE materials, testing, this method can make little tremor PTFE hollow fiber water by membrane distillation hole was thrown, lead to test there is a big error. As a result, most researchers use weighing method to calculate PTFE hollow fiber membrane distillation porosity. Specific operation is as follows: the PTFE with anhydrous ethanol hollow fiber membrane distillation is clean, dry completely into the oven for 50 degrees, after drying discretion 1 m long with precision weighing scales by membrane distillation silk, records of hollow fiber was dry membrane distillation m weight membrane distillation. After weighing intercept a sample by membrane distillation silk, under the electronic microscope measurement by membrane distillation wire diameter, were recorded as OD and ID. According to the following formula to calculate the PTFE hollow fiber membrane distillation porosity.

By membrane distillation to take off hemp extraction centrifuge the ammonia nitrogen in waste water with the absorbent absorption free ammonia volatilization, and absorbed by membrane distillation of removing ammonia nitrogen available agent such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, which has certain volatile hydrochloric acid, nitric acid oxidation is stronger, the phosphoric acid price is more expensive, because the sulfuric acid has stable chemical properties, as well as the low price makes it absorbed by membrane distillation of removing ammonia nitrogen is the most commonly used agent.
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