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Friday, June 10th 2022, 9:29am

thin film distillation

Big wash is discharge wash effect of water washing method. First of all, reduce the amount of admission, will effect the material liquid out, then add the condensate to liquid level, and improve the steam pressure, the boiling water thin film distillation to dissolve effect within the dirt, open the circulation pump irrigation pipes, when to reach the washing reault, the lower steam pressure, and water washing effect. If the scale is serious, can be carried out two times of washing. Small washing. Small washing is to wash the effect of water does not discharge method. Is generally above the film evaporator heater is easy to scale, can be washed regularly before the overall scale, local scale layer to remove the heating chamber, to restore normal evaporation intensity. Method is to reduce steam, the heating chamber and the circular tube material liquid out, and then the circular tube when the water reaches a certain level, to improve the steam pressure, and return to normal production, let wash water circulate in the effect of washing. By film evaporator often observe the material feeding pump, a pump, forced circulation pump operating current and operating mode.

By film evaporator surrounding environment must keep clean without sundry, equipment of external thermal insulation layer is in good condition, if there are any damage, should be maintained, to reduce heat loss. Strict implementation of large, medium and small repair plan, and remove the check repair on a regular basis and make records, equipment check repair data accumulation, help strengthen technical improvement. By the measurement of film evaporator and safety accessories, thermometer, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and safety must be calibrated regularly, requires accurate and reliable, to ensure that the correct operating control and safety of film evaporator operation.

Shall be carried out in strict accordance with the wiped film evaporator operational procedures, preparation before driving.

1, check carefully whether the heating chamber water first, avoid when steam is piped in intense heat or water hammer vibration cause the whole drama of the film evaporator;

2, check the pump, instruments and steam and condensate steam pipe line, feed line, etc are in good condition.

3, when driving, according to the material, evaporation equipment and included with automatic control device, according to the set procedures in advance, through the control room in order according to the order of the provisions of the opening, open the charging valve, steam valve, and in turn to see the effect of separating tank liquid level display.

4, e. and open the associated pump when the level reaches; Set the instrument Settings, at the same time as automatic state;

5, to vacuum device for vacuum; Monitor the effect wiped film distillation of temperature, examine its evaporation; Through the instrument product concentration, and then increase the steam valve opening in order to improve the steam flow rate;

6, when the steam flow to expectations, adjust feeding flow to control the concentration of the concentrated solution, in general, reduce the feed flow rate increases product concentration, and increase the feed flow rate, lower concentration.

7, driving process common faults and processing; Due to abnormal operations are often appeared in the process of driving many faults. The most common is the steam supply is not stable. This may be because of cold or condensing pipe lines in the air, check valve, pump seal should be paid attention to and the export, when at normal operating temperature, won't appear this kind of problem; Also may be due to air leakage into the second effect was caused by a film evaporator, capsule type, when an effective separation tank process steam pressure exceeds a certain value, the leak will disappear on its own.
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